1. BlindBison

    Is there a way to disable all sensors but the ones I’m using for my custom overlay?

    Going off of this thread here: It sounds like you don’t really want to run sensors you’re not using as they can take up a bit of CPU time. I only...
  2. S

    What will hwinfo monitor when the layout minimized with two system tray sensors?

    Hi, I am new to hwinfo. I have added two sensors to system tray icons, `Total CPU Usage` and `CPU Core temperature`. I only need the two monitoring in the taskbar/system-tray. To reduce system resources overhead, I am wondering what hwinfo will do in the background. I figured out I had to...
  3. A

    Please advise on where to start problem solving based on HWINFO log

    Hi all! I'm trying to help my kid debug an issue he has with his laptop where in games we play together his frame-rate sometimes drops to unplayably low. We know there is something odd because I have the almost identical model laptop and I never have the same issue (despite having a lot more...