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    Is my battery getting used while gaming or is HWinfo just doing weird?

    I got a question if my battery is draining while gaming or HWinfo reports wrong information. When I am gaming on my laptop, I use most of the time around 70-110watt. I have a 120watt charger. But HWinfo says that my battery drops in some WH sometimes, but it does not report any dischargespeed...
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    7.0 and Corsair AX1600i

    Looking through old posts, I understand that the protocols for Corsair power supplies haven't been great (from HWiNFO). Yesterday, I upgraded to HWiNFO 7.0. I also upgraded from a Corsair HX1200i to an AX1600i. I'm finding that HWiNFO seems to sporadically detect the power supply -- sometimes...