1. G

    Is there a way to hide the grid in the monitoring windows?

    And if there isn't, I would kindly request for this feature to become a thing. :D I have searched for this feature (without success, hence this post) and found plenty of filled requests from the Dev. Here's hoping PS: If anybody has general monitoring advice I'd love to hear it. I have been a...
  2. BimboBamse

    Removing colon between sensor-name and sensor-value in OSD?

    As title states. is there a way to remove the colon between sensor-name and sensor-value in OSD, and if not, could this be added?
  3. Kumunyo

    No T_sensor in app

    I have a Strix b650-a gaming WiFi and I’ve recently installed a temp sensor to monitor coolant temps. It shows up in bios but not in HWinfo or even ArmouryCrate. I’m fairly certain the sensor doesn’t have polarity, not totally ruling out that it might just be dead. I’m not at my pc to send...
  4. S

    Performance limit - utilization is toggled to Yes

    What does this performance limit utilization mean at the gpu section? It's now set permanently to yes after some time passes when im idle even when i game it still does not go away. Idk what else happens but the game is buttery smooth no issues and all that. I think it was already set to yes but...
  5. K

    hwinfo doenst launch on startup

    been havin this issue ever since i had to move everything from one profile to another and delete the old profile on my pc. i have to manually start it every time and i have it set to launch on startup in windows settings and hwinfo settings. i even have for it to pop up on pc turn on and nothing...
  6. J

    Monitor UPS Charge Level using Python

    I would like to monitor my UPS Charge Level using a python script. Is there a simple way to do this?
  7. K

    is this the temperature of the motherboard phases, or could it be something else?

    I have an asus tuf b450m plus ii, but I can't find the temperature of the vrm anywhere, could these be the temperatures of the cpu power phases?
  8. F

    Asus Strix Z270F question

    Hey , I just have a quick question . Does anyone know what the Mobo temps mean for an Asus Strix Z270F ? I'm interested in the T1 , T2 , Temp3, Temp4 and Temp5. Just curious. More curious about why most are in the 30s with Temp3 being in the 50s. Any help is appreciated. Also , is CPU(PECI)...
  9. ShwaBdudle

    hwinfo64 IA: Max Turbo Limit + IA: Turbo Attenuation (MCT). What do they mean?

    I've been scrolling through HWINFO64 and the info that it shows there, and I have noticed that (Yesterday) The "IA: Max Turbo Limit" Was "Current: Yes, Minimum: Yes, Maximum: Yes" and the "IA: Turbo Attenuation (MCT)" Was "Current: Yes, Minimum: No, Maximum: Yes". Currently, Everything on both...