ram speed

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    8GB RAM in Single Channel vs in Dual Channel?

    My laptop supports 16GB RAM in dual channel mode, but now it has 4GB RAM in it. I want to upgrade my RAM from 4GB to 8GB. Is it better to use 2 4GB sticks in dual channel or 1 8GB stick in single channel? What will be the performance difference?
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    Question about RAM speed, please respond.

    I have a single RAM stick of 16gb, 3200Mhz. Can someone explain this to me? To me it seems it is running at that half the speed, 1600Mhz. Even the EffClock is showing 1600Mhz, is that normal?
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    Max supported memory clock lower than Current memory clock? Is my mobo limiting the xmp speed of ram?

    Hi, I have recently installed a new Ram kit from G.skill 2x8GB 3600MHz. With that I installed your HWinfo software to check my memory clock speed because my pc wouldn't allow to set an XMP profile on the RAM modules when installed on the 2nd and 4th slot (the optimized ones). So I installed the...
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    Memory bandwidth not showing in HWinfo as it should

    Hello, so I found out HWinfo should tell me actual banwidth of my system memory, but I can't see it where it should be or anywhere else. Downloaded yesterday the newest version v7.16-4650 and still can't see anything. Is there any problem or limitation from side of my hardware or is there any...
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    Memory appears to be running really slow

    I recently purchased a 'new' laptop, an open box Dell Inspiron 7586. It came with a single stick of DDR4-2666 RAM, so I decided to pull the dual channel set from my old, semi-functional laptop and put it in the new notebook. The old laptop had a pair of 8GB DDR4-2400 RAM, so I thought the memory...