1. Blazing Black Beard

    DIMM not detected and Temperature sensors missing Asus Pro WS WRX80E-Sage-SE WIFI

    The memory is not detected in 4 of 8 slots and 4 temperature sensors are missing in the standard DIMM list in the HWInfo sensor section, however the IPMI section shows temperatures for DIMM A,B,C,D,E,F,G,H. Also in the HWInfo main pane the DIMM information only shows information for DIMM...
  2. B

    ASUS Strix RTX3090 & RAM Timings BUGS

    Hello, I have observed a couple of problems and wanted to comment on them. In the detection of the RAM memory modules, the fourth module does not show the timings as you can see in the image. All other programs display it correctly. The second problem is about the GPU. It's an ASUS Strix...
  3. Teknophage

    ASRock Taichi TRX40 & ADATA XPG SPECTRIX D41 RGB issue with HWiNFO64

    I've discovered that having HWiNFO64 loading causes even the numbered banks of RGB RAM to no longer accept requests from the Polychrome RGB controller. I attempted to exclude SMBus address x6A, which did not resolve the issue. This address is reported to be the Nuvoton NCT6796D address for RGB...
  4. Q

    Afterburner + HWinfo - Game Process.exe and RAM usage with Ping how configure it on OSD

    Hello Can you tell me how configure HWinfo to display i used long time ago Combo MSI Afterburner with HWinfo but forgoten how setup this 3 things im know its possible to do it bc i had this in past but didint use software from long time i bought 2070 RTX and wanna use it once again for monitor...
  5. Stormlvl

    Memory module parameters

    Hello Gents I reinstalled windows because hwinfo64 don't show me memory module parameters and after windows reinstall hwinfo64 worked perfectly after I cleaned my PC and booted to windows and got the same issue as before. I reset my bios I try to disable AMD V reinstalled drivers nothing...
  6. S

    Built new PC - Ram Question

    Hi everyone, I just recently built a new PC, and I was confirming that my RAM was running at the correct speeds. CPU-Z correctly shows that I'm using DD4-3600 RAM (1800 DRAM Freq x2). However, HWinfo is showing under "Memory Modules" that my RAM is clocking at 1066 mhz and showing I have...
  7. L

    hwinfo shows half RAM speed

    I recently enabled the XMP profile for my 16gb Ripjaws V (Dual Channel) but HWiNFO only shows half of the speed it should have. (It should be 3200mhz but it shows up as 1599.5) Does anyone know why that is?