1. Q

    Afterburner + HWinfo - Game Process.exe and RAM usage with Ping how configure it on OSD

    Hello Can you tell me how configure HWinfo to display i used long time ago Combo MSI Afterburner with HWinfo but forgoten how setup this 3 things im know its possible to do it bc i had this in past but didint use software from long time i bought 2070 RTX and wanna use it once again for monitor...
  2. Stormlvl

    Memory module parameters

    Hello Gents I reinstalled windows because hwinfo64 don't show me memory module parameters and after windows reinstall hwinfo64 worked perfectly after I cleaned my PC and booted to windows and got the same issue as before. I reset my bios I try to disable AMD V reinstalled drivers nothing...
  3. S

    Built new PC - Ram Question

    Hi everyone, I just recently built a new PC, and I was confirming that my RAM was running at the correct speeds. CPU-Z correctly shows that I'm using DD4-3600 RAM (1800 DRAM Freq x2). However, HWinfo is showing under "Memory Modules" that my RAM is clocking at 1066 mhz and showing I have...
  4. L

    hwinfo shows half RAM speed

    I recently enabled the XMP profile for my 16gb Ripjaws V (Dual Channel) but HWiNFO only shows half of the speed it should have. (It should be 3200mhz but it shows up as 1599.5) Does anyone know why that is?