1. H

    PC randomly reboots since April?

    I've been having trouble with my PC since April, it randomly shuts down and reboots no matter what I'm doing. It's happened when gaming, drawing, and just browsing - I don't see any immediately noticeable common thread. At first a part was unseated, but I've checked just about every time since...
  2. Jackalito

    Is HWiNFO causing the dreaded WHEA-Logger Event ID XX Cache Hierarchy Errors and sudden reboots on AMD Ryzen systems?

    Hello everyone: A couple of users and myself have been suffering sudden reboots with our computers composed of Ryzen CPU systems (Ryzen 3000, but especially 5000) under different load conditions. The quickest way for us to trigger it, however, has been by using software designed to test RAM...