remote monitoring

  1. U

    Remote monitoring cut off after 12 hours

    I have a malfunctioning pc so I decided to remotely record its voltages and temperatures via HWiNFO. Exactly 12 hours and 5 seconds in, my logging instance popped up a notice saying that shared memory is limited to 12 hours. The remote sensors got greyed out and now it's just logging the same...
  2. solber

    Issue with Remote Sensor Monitor

    Hi, I don't really if it's the right place but I'm facing an issue for no apparent reason since some days, I'm trying to run Remote Sensor Monitor 2.1.0 but I keep having the same issue : Please wait for the web server to start..... Unhandled Exception...
  3. nero

    Graph Identification

    Hello: I am monitoring 2 machines and would like to use the graphing functionality to make sure everything is running well. Have been able to connect both and one is the display for the other and may eventually add a 3rd. My biggest issue is that graphs as good as they are; I cannot tell...
  4. M

    Getting two HostIds for one remote machine

    Hi, I am monitoring a machine remotely, and the new version is definitely better, but I do still have some oddities: - The remote machine (UXIE) doesn't show up in the main HWiNFO window. Not sure it is supposed to, but it kind of looks like it should. - When I add the remote machine, it comes...