1. R

    Startup scan makes A2 memory slot to bug on RAM RGB

    Hey guys, Build a new system (13900KF, Asus Strix z790-H, Kingston Fury Beast 2x32 6000mt) everything went fine until i noticed that when starting HWiNFO, on startup loading sensors, randomly the memory slot A2 specifically, glitch out on RGB RAM stick to stuck. The default RGB is rainbow...
  2. Teknophage

    ASRock Taichi TRX40 & ADATA XPG SPECTRIX D41 RGB issue with HWiNFO64

    I've discovered that having HWiNFO64 loading causes even the numbered banks of RGB RAM to no longer accept requests from the Polychrome RGB controller. I attempted to exclude SMBus address x6A, which did not resolve the issue. This address is reported to be the Nuvoton NCT6796D address for RGB...
  3. D

    HWiNFO64 disables the RGB leds on my RTX 3080 Gaming X trio when its launched.

    Posted this one reddit but also decided to post here, hoping someone from the support team would see it. original post here Where I explained that my RTX 3080's RGBs would randomly shut off. They would always come back on after a cold boot. So at one moment when I had booted up the system...