1. R

    "Extra" temperature sensor on Samsung 960 Pro SSD?

    Hi, until recently, my Samsung 960 Pro NVME SSD showed two temperature sensors in HWiNFO's S.M.A.R.T. info node, reasonably enough displaying as "Drive Temperature" and "Drive Temperature 2". Further, I had read somewhere that the 1st corresponded to the "storage cells", while the 2nd was...
  2. PiersJH

    Recommended SMART Polling Period?

    As the title says, what's the recommended polling period for storage (SMART)? I believe the default is - or was - 100, and I have it set to 2,500. Is there an ideal formula, for example where disk spin-down time * y = a less aggressive polling rate?
  3. PiersJH

    Sensible polling time?

    The default 2,000ms works fine, but I don't need devices to be polled that often. I've tried 4,000ms, SMART every 1,500 cycles, and controller every 2 cycles. This seems to provide a decent amount of data, but with barely using any system resources (with the above settings, HWiNFO is reported to...
  4. C

    How to read HDD SMART values

    Example: [05] Reallocated Sector Count: 141/140, Worst: 141 (Data = 467,0) I think this means the hard drive has encountered 467 bad sectors and reallocated them. Is that correct? But then what does the "141/140, Worst 141" mean? I think these are counters of some kind, but it's...