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  1. Mr_SeLeNiO

    [Feature request] Sensor Status auto scroll with tray icons

    It would be nice if when we double click a tray icon, by default, the sensor status window scrolled to the category where that sensor belong. And optionaly, select which category we want to scroll to for a given icon tray, for example, I have way more tray icons for cpu than gpu, but if I could...
  2. K

    System tray icon. Can it change color based on temperature?

    I've added sensor to system tray and set up that thing so it will change color when cpu is higher than 20 C for example. In sensors window it does change color but I thought it will also affect system tray icon. Can I enable it somewhere or is it not supported?
  3. M

    nVME SSD temperatures not loading when starting on Win 10 startup

    Hi, I have encountered recurring issue that when hwinfo is starting with Windows 10 startup, it usually does not load the sensors on my nVME Samsung SSD 970 EVO, especially temperatures. If I then manually shut hwinfo down and run it again, it is shown. I have configured hwinfo to gather logs as...
  4. N

    Feature request: Configurable tray icon font weight

    Hello. I have recently upgraded from version 5.44 to version 6.28. The tray icon fonts are better in the older version, in my opinion. I have tested a few versions (pictures attached) and here are my thoughts on each of them: 1. Version 5.44 has the fonts which look good and are the easiest to...