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    Add apply to sensor settings and add right click to sensor status and more.

    Would like you to add apply to sensor settings so I can easily remove or add on without the setting window closing. Also, in Sensor Status have it so you can right click on any of the sensors and add "Add to tray" and "Add to OSD". And if already added have is say "Remove from tray" and "Remover...
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    Is there a way to minimize main window to taskbar instead of minimizing to tray? [HWInfo64]

    I don't keep hwinfo64 running indefinitely so I don't need the system tray functionality. The sensor window behaves like I want, but I'd like to be able to minimize the prevent the main window from going to taskbar. Also is there a way to get the whole program to exit when clicking the X...
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    Feature Request: Tray on condition

    I am not sure if it exists already, but it would be great to show statuses in the system tray, based on conditions (especially for temperature). For instance, to not displaying anything when the component temperature is not greater than 50 degrees. It would allow having fewer icons displayed at...