1. Dave1001

    Vcore/Power Deviation Numbers Suddenly Declining on Idle? Bug or Something on My End?

    following my previous PSU post, I decided to head into Bios and change my fan curves to lower the RPMs and then changed them back after some poor results, and I noticed that all of a sudden, unless I was playing a game, watching youtube, or in a discord call, my Vcore and Power Deviation...
  2. PiersJH

    Vcore vs CPU Core Voltage (SVI2 TFN) - Ryzen 5900X 1.47v Vcore / 1.52v SVI2 TFN / 1.50v VID

    Hello, My PC is only a few weeks old (there are no old components in it) and I have recently found the CPU requesting too much voltage, and it being supplied with too much (as per AMD specification for the 5000 series). Which measurement is more accurate? I should note, that this is with PBO...
  3. G

    What's the difference between core VID vs Vcore?

    I am asking to learn what's the difference between "core VID" and "Vcore" because i think they are the same since they both show the voltage of the core but the readings are different so i need to know what's the difference. Thanks!