1. S

    HWINFO software window doesnt appear

    I can't open window on hwinfo sensor, when i open hw info for the first time it appear a window to run on sensor only or summary only, when i choose sensor only, it doesnt appear anything. when i choose the other opiton it appear a window as usual. however when i hover in the taskbar it show...
  2. CyberPsych

    How to see all sensors in one screen?

    The Expand/Shrink option still makes me scroll and see some of the sensors, is there any way I can see all the sensors in one window even if it fills my entire screen?
  3. A

    Disable sensors window snapping

    Hi. How can I disable this feature: Added ability to snap sensor window to screen edges. Can't find such option in settings or in .ini file, also searched the forum. It is pretty annoying, especially when using two or more monitors. Windows snap assist is disabled, all other apps's windows...