windows 10

  1. D

    Windows 10 Defender blocking HWInfo?

    Windows 10 Defender blocking HWInfo? Get notification from Windows Defender that it has blocked hwinfo.exe from changing memory? Just installed 7.10, same issue as previous version. This started happening about 4 months ago when I got the routine Windows 10 Pro, update for version 20H2...
  2. Ninetrees

    V7.04 crashes on Alienware 17R3 Windows 10 Pro, current

    32 bit seems to run OK 64 bit ... When I select Sensors issues Embedded Controller warning - I don't know whether to disable or not If I don't disable OR if I disable, hwinfo crashes If I try to run again, just selecting Sensors crashes I think I have attached the needed files v7.02 runs, both...
  3. H

    Lenovo Yoga 730-15IWL (81JS) Missing RAM Module

    Hi, I have been using HWiNFO since 2010 and it has been an immensely useful tool. I recently got a Lenovo Yoga 730-15IWL (81JS) laptop and just noted that HWiNFO64 seems to detect only one of the two RAM modules installed in the system. This system has 12 GB RAM installed but only the 4 GB DIMM...
  4. totempalen

    does not react to input after some time

    after some time the program will no longer react to any form of input. The numbers on screen will continue to update. If I rightclick anywhere on the program, windows 10 will just think I'm right clicking on whatever is behind HWiNFO. So for example when there are no programs located behind...