0º degrees in Core Temps and L3 Temps


Hello, I'm not sure if it's a normal bug or not my HWINFO version is v7.26-4800, as the title says and as you can see in the screenshot the Core Temp and L3 Temp tabs show a minimum of 0º degrees, is it a known bug? Should I be worried? Thanks for reading me!!

btw, here my pc specs:
ryzen 5 3600 (stock, no oc)
b550 tomahawk
rx 6500 xt
16 ram on 3200 mhz

0 grados cpu.PNG
Are you running some other monitoring/overclocking/tweaking tool along with HWiNFO?
Try to run without any other monitoring tools. If the problem persists then it's most probably an occasional glitch in SMU and a BIOS update might fix that.
ok, I'll try for a whole day without msi afterburner. In fact, now that you mention the BIOS, I'm not sure if it could have affected having reverted to an old version after the beta version did not convince me, maybe it has to do with it, in any case, should I worry about the glitch if the problem persists?
No need to worry about those values as they should have no impact on system functionality.