2 Chipset temps for X570 aorus master

The first value under the dedicated chipset sensor comes straight from the chipset internal sensor. The other one, is most probably temperature sampled by some diode placed close to the chipset.
So I'd say the first one is the most reliable.
1st of all congratulations on making a hardware monitoring program thats better than open hardware monitor and CPUID HWMonitor! amazing work and from what I can tell, costs nothing ?

however I have concerns, regarding this chipset temp, gigabyte say they dont know what it is, and im seeing temps above 90c with this reading, are you sure its not a fan reading that has been mistaken for temp when its rpm, I am currently thinking about returning this board because of the high temps, however im not seeing this reading anywhere else or even in the program gigabyte supplies, I do however have 3 m2 drives and a capture card in the bottom pcie slot, which puts pressure on the chipset, I need to have someone with a similar setup to me to compare my findings! and work out what this is! not that I dont appreciate this program!

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I'm pretty sure this is a valid temperature value, which comes straight from the chipset.
AFAIK, no other tool is currently able to read this temperature, so that might explain why you don't see it anywhere else.
Try to blow some air straight at the chipset and see how it behaves if you think it's not valid.
The number is so much higher than the other chipset reading, are all boards hiding this information by simply not having a direct chipset reading

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@Martin - do you know what the tjmax temperature is for X570 chipset and if this is normal?
Is your chipset fan operating? Can you to adjust it or test blowing air at the chipset?
everyone else is using the lower chipset temperature when testing the boards, so it makes it very hard to work out if this is normal
I’ve tried high performance / balanced / and quiet all give me the same temperature and the fan is spinning faster on changing the setting
When you change fan profiles, is the "lower" Chipset temperature showing different values depending on the fan speed ?
When you change fan profiles, is the "lower" Chipset temperature showing different values depending on the fan speed ?

There’s two chipset temperatures one that doesn’t show in the bios is worrying me, as it’s high, I see a noticeable change in rpm for the fan and can hear it when changing the setting however I don’t see any change in the temperature only found in your program I do see a change in the chipset temperature that is found outside your program
The rpm of the fan does not seem to connected to what your program says the chipset is, I would expect it to be going crazy at 85c but it’s whisper quiet

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OK, so if you change the chipset fan speed from quiet to performance you see a change in the "lower" Chipset temperature (same as reported by the BIOS) and no change in the dedicated "higher" temperature?
What difference in temperatures do you see for both when you change the fan speed?
everyone else is using the lower chipset temperature when testing the boards, so it makes it very hard to work out if this is normal
I don't think you should worry, Gigabyte made the fan curve according to the lower temp sensor reading, i dont remember right now but if you check the fan curve in UEFI you will see in silent profile for example that the curve maxes the fan at 90 degrees, and if you see in one of your images where the first sensor is at 95 degrees your chipset fan is at 3000rpm which is not 100% as it supposedly should be, also in UEFI you can see that the reported chipset temperature is pretty much the second sensor one, so in conclusion you should not worry at all, because if the sensor hits a unsafe temperature the motherboard should shutdown intermediately preventing the chipset get kill by the hot. Also on forums gigabyte employees said that you should ignore the first temperature at all, I really don't think that they are really bad people to give such bad advice to their costumers. If they decided to not show the higher chipset sensor temperature is because that temperature seems to be irrelevant.
From my experience the lower chipset temperature value is the correct one, or at least the one the BIOS uses to determine chipset fan RPM. On my MSI X570 ACE board there is only about 7 degrees C difference between the two sensors. A typical difference would be 54C vs 61C, I am surprised there is such variance between the sensors on the Gigabyte board.
Gigabyte X570 Aorus Pro here...
Yes the UEFI reports only the low-temp one and adjust fan by it.
The following temps are with 27C ambient, with the chipset/PCH fan stopped(silent in UEFI) and with a 120mm case fan close to PCH. You can see it as "System 6 Pump" at around 1000rpm. I used Gigabyte's SIV (System_Information_Viewer) for a custom fan curve according to chipset's (low) temp.
The setup is not in a case but open on the desk. Back in August when ambient was 33C the reading was like ~52C for the lowest and ~68C for the highest one. When I'm gaming both temps increase by 2 and 3C at max respectively.

Regardless of what is what the OP should improve the air flow in general because personally I'm not very fond of all of his temp readings. Nothing is off limits but it should be improved anyway...
My best guessing for the highest temp is that it could be some VRM MOS (power supply) for the chipset. If that so should be within operating temps up until 120~125C, but its not recommended of course.

HWiNFO64 v6.12-3930 Sensor Status [4 values hidden] 04-Nov-19 02_39_35.png
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