2 ITE Chip detected


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Perhaps you could help me,
why after i reloaded HWiNFO several times, HWiNFO gives reading of 1 some times 2 ITE chip, but in maiboard manual layout/ spec there's no mention of second ITE chip.
is it mainboard has defect, or just need updating of chipset driver?
thanks again


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There are 2 ITE chips for sure: IT8686E and IT8733F. The datasheet probably misses the second one, as it doesn't seem to be used much on this model for sensor monitoring.
However I can see that there's sometimes a problem recognizing the first sensor. According to the Debug File you posted, it looks like sometimes it's not properly initialized. This could be a BIOS problem, you might try to run the GIGABYTE System Information tool to see whether it reports all sensor values, or has problems too.