3 copies of h80i and a crash



I'm not sure this first is even a bug.  Lately I've noticed 3 copies of the h80i sensor data.  When I go into sensor settings and reset the ordering, it stays that way.

Next, you told me to turn on debugging and give a debug file output.  So, I turned on debugging, turned hwinfo (64) on a few times and back off and still, 3 copies.  Finally though, I turned it on once, and...my computer crashed.  Although I'm running a borderline-unstable overclock, and was doing other things at the time too, I've never seen a blackscreen crash of this sort, and the CPU was happy to restart immediately - unlike a typical instability crash.

I've also been running hwinfo basically full time for months with no issues.  So I guess it has something to do with debugging being enabled?  But still, it's very strange.

The debug file is attached.  Uh, it seemed to grow after I restarted my computer; normally hwinfo starts automatically but did not appear to do so in this case.


  • HWiNFO64.DBG
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Okay correction, hwinfo did start up after I rebooted, but did so in another strange way. Occasionally this happens where the program is running but I get no task bar icon and can't access it. I end up having to kill it from the task manager. I guess it's stuck in a loop somewhere. A different bug perhaps?
So the crash seems to be caused by access to GPU devices like VRM. You can avoid this by disabling entire "GPU I2C Support" in HWiNFO if the GPU doesn't feature such devices (i.e. VRM or additional sensors).
I'm checking the duplication of Corsair devices...
OK, I think I found why those sensors are duplicated. It should be fixed in the next build ;)
Thanks for the feedback.
Since the original problem is resolved now, you don't need to use Debug Mode nor disable GPU I2C Support.