4770k fluctuating bclck



I currently have a repeatable problem when monitoring my 4770k.

The bclck seems to be periodically spiking to 102mhz or so causing my cpu speed to rise and become slightly unstable. This happens regardless of load on the processor or if I have the chip overclocked or running default.

If I use the periodic polling option this stops it and reports normal but i'm just worried that it's masking the problem as other software still shows the spikes occurring.

interestingly when trying to create a debug file it did not spike at all, but as soon as I disabled debug it returned almost straight away. Does the debug feature use some different settings??

I have tried all options in the bios including all the usual culprits (spread spectrum etc) and can't seem to stop it from happening.

Is it just a reporting issue??

Windows 8.1
2133 MHz ram
msi z87 g43 m/board

Thanks for any help
This small spike (to 102 MHz) might be caused by some operating system components interferring with the method HWiNFO uses to measure the BCLK. So I don't think it's a real issue, just some part of the Windows system is causing the measurement to sometimes cause slightly inaccurate values. I think your BCLK is stable and I wouldn't worry about this ;)