4790k, not temp reported at all


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Hi everyone. I am new here, but not new to hwinfo64. I have never had an issue, so I have never visited the forums.

Last night, I booed my first phase change system and wanted to monitor temps :

Z87 Maximus VI Formula
I7 4790k with 300w phase change.

I monitor temps extremely close when doing anything that may ever require temperature monitoring.

Unfortunately I just get a blank line below the 4790k temp section, and no core count or anything.

I have no errors in device manager, so I don't know if I missed a driver or something like that. Any help you provide is greatly appreciated. Thank you ahead of time.
Please attach a screenshot of the error, so I can precisely see it.
Also attaching the HWiNFO Debug File with sensor data should be helpful in order to analyze the problem.
Hi Martin. I will try to attach the screen shot and debug asap. I just figured it out though. Anything below 0c and it deregisters any temperature in all of the measuring tools. I am guessing it is a Devils Canyon thing that causes it to not register below zero.
Indeed, HWiNFO might consider negative temperatures as invalid. If you attach the Debug File capturing such a situation, I'll have a look how to fix that.
The next (Beta) build of HWiNFO will add a new switch called "Accept negative temperatures (for sub-zero cooling)" that will enable reporting these values.