6.32 to 6.34 missing sensors


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3900X on Gigabyte Aorus Master x570 BIOS F31b

I had a custom layout in 6.32 and today updated to 6.34 and noticed some lines missing in my sensors. CCD1/2 are no longer on the list, but blank lines are where they used to be. Throughout the sensors I am seeing some new blank lines so I need to try an figure out what used to be there. Attached csv outputs of 6.32 and 6.34. I am staying on 6.32 for now.


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I can, but then I lose my very custom layout. I saved my settings, how can I restore those to get my custom layout back if I need to go back to 6.32.
Same thing here, CPU CCD (Tdie) sensor is missing.
If I save the "HWiNFO64" type: "Configuration settings" from installation folder can I safely reset preferences? And then put it back in.
The file was saved on 6.32 final version.