6900 XT memory clocks read out bugged ?

This is what the GPU driver is reporting. Did this start to happen after a driver update? Can you attach the HWiNFO Debug File?
Not sure may be first time i noticed it does indeed report it inside amd own performance metrics to even seen it in gpu-z now.


  • debug.zip
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Yeah saw in in driver notes quite some time ago, also noticed it only miss reports when it comes from idle read out probably overshoots somehow as with dual screen setup it never drops to idle never miss reports it, hope AMD fix along with the many other issues if discovered, AMD drivers not so perfect as i am used to with Nvidia.
I switched from nvidia hating their drivers cos they band aided a wow bug that they removed with cyberpunk and left unfixed for almost a year or less, their drivers feel even worse now.
Anyway AMD driver stability is insane enough to make you think your GPU is a doa that should be rma'd even tho its all down to drivers.