7900 XTX Higher than expected memory junction temperature


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Hi Martin.

Is this expected? 100% fan speed on a 7900 XTX and even with the system at idle the memory junction temperature sits at 54c, much hotter than any other components.

On Auto fan in games it reaches 98c, seems rather warm as the other temps are all much lower. I read your tooltip and it sort of indicates to expect a higher temperature.

Is it normal or not?


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Yes - as the tooltip says, the memory junction temperature will always be higher because it's measured inside silicon and not on top or surface.
means the hardware (gddr6) is eihter being pushed beyond their design specs , just because they can.
otherwise the chip packaging would be the best insulating material humanity ever discovered.
As if the GPU temperatures are not measured the same way : internal. So that tooltip is worthless to me.
these temperature differences are impossible unless it is a wrong/fake/calculated tempsensor.
that's GDDR6X for you. On air coolers it will always be toasty. and the chip is encased in some kind of thermally conductive epoxy, so it's always hotter compared to direct die like the GPU is.
GDDR6 was a lot cooler, but the value is totally real. With aircoolers, memory junction temps in the mid 60's isn't out of the ordinary.
my bad. then nevermind, the cooler sucks or there's a misplaced thermal pad.. that's GDDR6X temps on the backside of a badly cooled 3090