A few suggestions

Hi there! I'd like to report a few suggestions if you don't mind!...

-I'd like to have the option to completely disable Tray icon and thus to be able to minimise the program on the taskbar.

-I'd like to have the option to disable the nag screen at the beginning. I've chosen "Sensors only" and that's it! Would be great if it could stop asking each time I start the program.

-Option for "Always on Top". It's annoying in some cases, like when I'm trying to see how my browser behaves. I've to stop using maximised window.

Also, as you can see ( http://i4.minus.com/igmYJ7V224AWk.png ) there's a big blank area. Is this an unintended glitch or intended by design? Because I'm trying to keep only those sensors I need in order to have the window as "clean" as possible. I hope you get what I mean.

Thank you for the truly great program. It becomes better and better with each new version. Thanks, again!
1. Would you like to hide the HWiNFO tray icon too? How would it be then possible to restore the window back? Anyway, you can still configure the Windows tray to permanently show/hide any tray icon (not just HWiNFO) via right-click.
2. The welcome screen can be disabled by setting the "Minimize Main Window on Startup" option.
3. You can minimize the sensors window anytime, I'm not sure what exactly you need.
4. The large blank area is not intended. I'm not sure how that happened, maybe when you tried to move or hide sensor items. You can still move any item to your preferred position via Configure/Layout, or click "Restore Original Order", or "Reset Preferences" in the main configure to get things back.
I would like to write some too.. :)
I have been using rivatuner to log everything. but its not that accurate, I mainly like it cause it has its own graph app. you just log it and open the log file you can see each values in a perfect graph. it can put up markers, etc.. it would be awesome if you can make a similar app integrated into HWiNFO.

I mainly use this to log and for benchmarking. :)

btw HWiNFO is awesome!!! just missing the graph :D

Thannk you :D
HWiNFO can display graphs of current monitored values (just double-click on the value).
It doesn't offer a graph for values already logged and stored, though. I believe this is up-to the user and it's quite simple to create graphs from the CSV logfile using many tools (Excel, etc).
I'm afraid, there are no short-term plans for such a feature. I need to prioritize feature requests based on severity, complexity and user demand. For such feature you're the first one to ask for it and there are currently several other features in the queue with a higher priority ;)