About Ryzen 5 1600 T0 efective clock.


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So as title says i have question about Core 0 T0 effective clock, it no matter what stays like in picture,it might be dumb question but should it stay like this all the time? values changing slightly.
On picture cpu is overlocked to 3.7ghz on stock settings same stuff.
Hey Martin, i tryed beta aswell, and result is the same, it goes 3.7mhz also while other cores goes to 3.700mhz.
Do you maybe have a custom multiplier set on that value in sensor settings? Try to Reset Preferences to be sure nothing else is affecting this.
Then it must be what the CPU really reports, the first core/thread doesn't seem to be sufficiently utilized.
Try to enable the "Snapshot CPU Polling" option in HWiNFO, that will use a different method then.