AC Quadro support


Hi folks,

since many years I`m using HWInfo to controll important states and unexpected happenings of my computer and every time its getting better and more extensive.
The best free monitoring-tool ever, many thanks for that.

My question now is, if you are already planning to inplement the Aquacomputer Quadro into HWInfo? Would be brillant to get this feature soon.

Is there any SDK or some code reference for AC Quadro that I could use to add support?
I asked Aquacomputer and they unfortunately haven`t jet a SDK. I get told that when they have got the time, it will be created. So lets hope it`s soon then. :)
Last week I`f heard that AIDA shows the datas from the Quadro in the newest beta version. Don`t know how they make it.
The AC software "Aquasuite" has got its own dataserver, but I`m afraid it`s no open source.

(But sorry again to waste you time with it, I`m a complete dau in this materia.)
You got it! It shows the sensors from the Quadro.
I made two screenshots with aquasuite and sensors.

Thanks a lot for this fabolous service!!!
If you need me to test or experiment anything, let me know.
Wow, I didn't expect it to work on the first attempt :D
But I think I need to make some adjustments, i.e. rename the Fan 3 to Pump and Fan4 to Flow.
Does it make sensor to also add the Soft Sensors ?
No no, the Fans are fine. Fan3 is not in use at the moment and Fan4 is only the rpm signal from a flowmeter.
And the softwaresensors can be anything catched up by the aquasuite server.
So it is everything correct.
I know, its a bit confusing because I allready configured everything in the aquasite into my needs. But like we can see in the picture of your experimental build, it`s all like it should be.
Fans are right, Voltage is right, Power is right, real Sensors as well, and the Softwaresensors you probably can`t grab. The Flow Sensor I can not test, because I dont have the "right" flowmeter. Thats why mine is connected to Fan4.

I can grab and report the Soft Sensors as well, it's no problem. Question is only if it's useful..
And with the fan change I meant only to change their names, values will stay as they are now.
What do you think?
Will continue tomorrow, it's too late here (probably same as your time)..
Fan1-4 is original, so leave this better like it is. ("Pump" and "Flow" is my renamed creation and should be originaly Fan3 and Fan4)
Why not report the softwaresensors? In my special case it would help.
I could report a incompatible flowmeter signal connected on Fan4 import the signal in Software Sensor to scale/factor it there to the right readings.
In last point I agree, see you tomorrow.
OK, I will keep the fan names and add Soft. Temperatures.
Shall happen in the next build, let me know if you need it sooner.
Exellent, thanks a lot.
There is no rush.
One more thing, maybe it makes sense to take off the FanVoltage 1-4, because its PWM-only and allways +/-12Volts?
All the rest is good, like it is.

have a nice day :)
I think I will keep those voltages, might be useful for some users.
If you don't need them, you can remove any item from the sensors list (Shift-Del).
Hi Martin,
just tested your new build quickly with almost all in- and outputs connected. (compatible Flowmeter still missing for input "Flow")
The missing sensors are Soft-Sensors and not allways temperaturdatas. It cann be anything what is reported in any suported sensordataserver in the system.
I choosed some different sources for the Soft-Sensors, hope it is usefull for you.

com cumprimentos
Thanks for the feedback.
I don't know yet how to report the flow rate. Would need multiple dumps with different (known) flow rate values to make a comparison.