Accessing System Summery Info from Sensor Mode - autorun....


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Love this app and have been using for many years. Have been a pro user for several years. Love it for its sensing ability.

However, sometimes, I find myself during troubleshooting on a machine wanting to access the summary information. I.E. type of RAM, Drives, MB, ect.

Is there any simple way to access the system summary information from the sensor side as I have the software auto start and on sensor mode the majority of the time.

There has to be a simple way that has completely passed by my simple intelligence.

Please let me know how one can get to that summary info from a running in sensor mode hwinfo64 pro?

There's no such simple way as the Sensor-only mode internally differs a lot from the full mode, so that it's optimized for faster start by skipping certain scans not needed in Sensor-only mode.
To change from this mode to full requires restating HWiNFO and perform a new full scan.