Acer Nitro AN515-54 sensors


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I recently purchased a new gaming laptop. First thing I did was to run HWiNFO and run a few games to see how it runs. I noticed however, HWiNFO sensors don't show much for the system board. For example, there are no sensors for fan speeds.

I've enabled every probe and scan option I could find for HWiNFO before creating the attached report files. The laptop comes with an application that displays and controls the fan speeds. I've included an image of the application with the values after generating this report. I was not running NitroSense when I ran HWiNFO in case they conflicted.

Let me know if you need anything else.



That's a notebook, hence the sensors are mostly proprietary and similar applies as for fan control:
Thank you for your reply.

If I found an open sourced Windows / Linux application which successfully controls the fans on this laptop, would you like to know about it? :)
Excellent. Reading values is all I'm interested in for the fans and any other sensor that might be missing.

I found this program which supports a good number of laptops:

I read that this laptop is based on the Acer Predator series. I downloaded the .exe installation from above and ran it. I chose the only Acer Predator configuration and it worked.

I've attached a few pictures for you.



There is only one Predator profile in the installation which you can see in the images. "Acer Predator G3-572"
Can you please use the RW-Eveyrthing tool to create a dump of "EC/Embedded Controller" at 2 different fan speeds? Note down the actual fan speeds when you create each of those dumps and post here.
Hopefully this is what you're after. The actual fan speed refreshes on the windows were different so I don't know what the actual values are when the dump is created. I've attached images of all 3 (NoteBook FanControl, NitroSense and RW-Everything) together so you can see.

The -1 files have CPU fan set to 50%, running at 57% with the GPU fan set to 25% and running at 30.8%.
The -2 files have CPU fan set to 75%, running at 80.3% with the GPU fan set to 95% and running at 90.7%.