Add graphs in systray


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I guess it's a feature request and it's too complicated, but let's try anyway: Would it be possible to display graphs content in systray icons, like for example Process Hacker (or Explorer) with CPU History systray icon.
For now, in systray we can only have text.

My aim would be to have only these systray icons for which I could glance at sometimes, and also (ideally) it would use less ressources than display full app or full graphs.
Technically this is not a big issue, but since the tray icons are rather small, I'm wondering how useful this would be as such graphs would be barely readable or providing a useful value.
Oh really ?!! Let's try to convince you ! :)

I use Process Hacker for years, and for years it allowed me to see something wrong, like some broken websites which use way too much ressources.
It's not something I watch all day, but if there's a lof of "red" in systray, it will catch my eye.

As you can see, I use 3 graphs: One for CPU, one for GPU, and one for RAM. It's easy to notice the "red" CPU usage.
The GPU and CPU ones are not as precise as HwInfo graphes (like CPU and GPU "power"), that's why it would be very practical for me to see something strange.

Another reason is when I try to compare settings, especially videos. Sometimes you want to compare algorithms (upscaling for example, deinterlacing etc.) but you need video in nearly full screen. Graphs won't be on top because of a setting in video player forcing foreground.