Add keyboard shortcut to disable or hide sensors


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Sometimes my HWiNFO64 loses a few sensors for no apparent reason, other than a bad restart, or sensors reporting 0 (could just be 0 celsius, or 0 volts, 0 rpm, etc). Only way to get them back is to restore original order in the layout submenu of Sensors. Though in more recent builds, there are more and more sensors available that is not relevant to me (has information that does not change, not applicable, etc). It takes a long time to disable the sensor (reduce CPU usage) and hide it after (make everything fit in the window without scrollbars) by right clicking each sensor and clicking disable then right clicking again and clicking hide. I know some fields I can mass disable and mass hide if there are no sensors in that field that are relevant, such as CPU performance limit reasons, but I can't do that for other sensors, such as distance to TjMAX if I'm only concerned about absolute core temperature.

So I propose a keyboard shortcut, if possible. If you have a selected sensor, you may be able to (toggle) disable it with the delete key, and hide it with shift+delete.

Also, sort of on topic. If you hide a sensor, is it automatically disabled, i.e., will HWiNFO64 still poll the sensor if it is hidden but not specifically disabled before it was hidden?

I want you to know I greatly appreciate how quick you are to respond and how open you are to fixes and suggestions. <3
I think this is a good idea. Though as you have already noticed, you can select multiple items and do the operation at once.

Yes. hiding a sensor does disable it as well, so no polling is performed. If you bring such sensor back, you can see that it's disabled.
Oh, I wasn't aware you could control + click sensors to select multiple ones individually. I was only aware of selecting one of the 'parent' sensor titles to do something to that entire category (e.g., select the title of a graphics card, you can choose to enable/disable the reading of all sensors on that graphics card).

I learned something today!