Additional Features


I am just wondering if any of the following is possible to include in the Rainmeter Plugin:

1) S.M.A.R.T. Status for the HDD or SSD which can be either Good or Bad (assuming that this feature is implemented as suggested here).

2) It would be nice if the Summary view's data can be accessed by the Rainmeter plugin so that information like the GPU Driver version, RAM timings, etc can be easily added to the skin automatically.

I do have a question about Optimus Technology and was wondering if the Hardware ID changed every time the GPU was switched off/laptop restarted or it will be constant?

1. I have responded in the other thread. If I know what algorithm to use to make such evaluation, this will be then available in sensors and thus Rainmeter automatically too.

2. It seems that more and more users are requesting such information to be visible externally (in Rainmeter, etc). So we (me and Nick) will check how to implement it.

I'm not sure which Hardware ID you mean exactly, but if it's the Hardware ID string reported by HWiNFO, then I don't see a reason why it should change. Have you See that it changes ?
Thanks very much for considering our requests :)

I haven't actually tested this on my laptop but in the code below:
Would the HWiNFOID change if the Nvidia GPU was switched off and then turned on again? If you want me to check, then I can do it later.
No, that ID should remain constant.
But note that when the Optimus technology switches the GPU off and you run HWiNFO, then HWiNFO won't see the card. This issue is already described in the Know Issues thread.