After update to latest BIOS with Agesa fields have gone missing ...


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Did not see anybody reporting this issue here but has been spoken about at forums.

After updating to the latest BIOS for the MSI X570 Unify motherboard a number of fields are no longer populated.

I deleted the registry entries and downloaded the latest beta version but still those fields are missing.

Specifically, PBO related values are gone alone with some other values such as

"Core 0 T0 Effective Clock" (Core 0 T1 Effective Clock is available)
"Core 0 Power SMU"
"Infinity Fabric Clock (FCLK)"
Any PBO related fields

As well as some other strange anomolies such as when using a "non fixed" layout, after arranging the fields to be as I want them, after closing HWInfo64 and reopening, some of the fields are "thrown" elsewhere to the bottom of the first column.

The author of "ZenTimings" has explained to me the following

something changed with latest AGESA and the first two values in the table are now zero.
First one should be PPT. ZenTimings was checking for first value only

Hope this helps

Are you sure you're running the latest HWiNFO (Beta) versions? The issues you describe were happening in older versions.
Please attach the HWiNFO Debug File so I can check the details.
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Hi Martin, thanks for your response.

For reasons unknown to me the software is working correctly, as well as ZenTimings that was giving me an issue.

I can only assume that something was amiss with the BIOS settings that a hard over night shutdown resolved.

Have seen that you released a new stable version that I am currently using and everything is as it should be.

Many thanks

Yes, according to the dumps you posted on OCN, some of the telemetry values were not provided by the CPU/SMU. This could be due to BIOS settings used.
HWiNFO for example intentionally doesn't report some parameters like PPT/TDC/EDC limiters when OC mode is active as in such case those limits are overridden.