Afterburner plug-in only displaying a couple of active data sources - why?

Cosmic Outlaw

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Hi there,

I'm trying to build an overlay with MSI Afterburner as it has the better customizability when designing an overlay with Riva Tuner. Unfortunately, I keep running into the issue that MSI Afterburner only has a small selection of data sources that I would love to display. While HWInfo has all the data I need, the plug-in in Afterburner shows only a few of those. Why is that?

Screenshot 2021-08-17 195317.png

You can also see that RivaTuner has all the data from HWinfo. Unfortunately, the alternative (building an overlay using HWinfo as a data source) isn't as pretty as it's not as customizable.
I'm not author of the HWiNFO plugin in MSI Afterburner, so I can't say why it's showing such a limited set only. The fact that RTSS shows all items means HWiNFO is properly publishing the values, so the issue is in the Afterburner plugin. You should contact the respective author at Guru3D forums.