AIO temp/fan speed glitch


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My aio fan speed and liquid temps randomly go to 0 and then jump right back up to normal. obviously this is just hwinfo getting false information or not being able to obtain the correct information. If there's a setting I need to change, let me know. I included a photo which tells what aio I'm using and I'm on the newest version of hwinfo64.

I also run iCUE v3.27.68 (with H110i) along with HWiNFO64 and everything works fine. I’m using both software from early 2020.
Only when I open HWMonitor along with iCUE and HWiNFO I’m getting erratic behavior. Not only readings are constantly all over the place but the actual fan rpm also.
I never really use HWMonitor. I opened it 1-2 times just to check it. Has no real purpose in front of HWiNFO.