Alienware Aurora R7 fan control


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I have an Alienware Aurora R7 and would like to utilize HWInfo for custom case fan curves based on max core CPU temp. My case fans seem to show up and can be successfully controlled within HWInfo, but only 3 values are available (off, medium, and maximum -- I don't recall the exact RPMs reported at the moment). I've read that this can be the case when EC Support is disabled, but EC Support is enabled (and I am able to see temperature and fan RPM readings from the "Dell EC" section of the sensors). Is this a case of a proprietary firmware preventing more granularity? Or is there something I can do differently to get the ability to tune in 100 RPM increments?

There is an Alienware thermal control software that allows a custom curve (but with only 2 nodes + sort of an automatic logarithmic curve) but I'd strongly prefer to no longer use it since it's bloated with other features, takes a long time to start up, and tends to quietly close without notice.