AMD Athlon X2 (Toledo) core temperatures.


Does HWiNFO32 support display of AMD Athlon X2 (Toledo) core temperatures? It does not show them on my system. If not do you plan to add it?

Also are there any plans to add CPU core frequency display to sensors screen? There are GPU frequencies but no CPU. It would be useful to be able to monitor them via RTSS onscreen overlay.

HWiNFO32 supports CPU temperature reporting for this CPU family.
There are some cases however where this temperature is not reported (sensor not properly initialized by BIOS or core-unlocked CPUs).
In case HWiNFO32 doesn't report any temperature, I need the HWiNFO32 Debug File to examine this.

Measuring the CPU frequency takes some CPU time currently, so adding this item to the sensor screen might cost some performance.
Anyway, there is a plan to add this item.
Your CPU is Revision E and according to documentation only Rev F and later support temperature monitoring, so HWiNFO32 didn't report the data.
However I see in the dump that this CPU returns *some* temperature data too, so I'll enable Rev E support in the next build. But I'm not sure how accurate the value reported will be..