AMD Fury X GPU\FAN speed


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Tried the 5.05 beta also, GPU and Fan speeds seems to be reported way off:
should be
1050Mhz(300Mhz in idle) for GPU and 1000rpm for Fan
but are:
283Mhz(81Mhz in idle) for GPU clock and 236RPM for GPU Fan.

Temps seem to be normal. Report and debug are made with 5.04 though...

Thanks for the great tool.


Martin said:
Thanks for the report. I'll try to fix this in the next build.

Well sorry about that. I did make report on v5.04 and noticed I didn´t DL the beta yet, so I installed the beta and checked the numbers- they were wrong at that time. Now my PC has had some restarts and have the same beta v5.05 installed and it reports more logical values: GPU is 1050Mhz max and Fan 1290RPM max. I guess it did load somehow v5.04 "settings" without PC restart while v5.05 installed...
Sorry for the trouble.
Can you please attach a debug file from a run when you think it works?
It seems there's a bug anyway, but doesn't show always.
Thanks for the feedback. The new v5.06 should have even more improvements to handle the rare situations when HWiNFO wasn't properly calculating the clock.
I think there's no need for a DBG file as long as all is well now.