AMD Fury X GPU\FAN speed


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Tried the 5.05 beta also, GPU and Fan speeds seems to be reported way off:
should be
1050Mhz(300Mhz in idle) for GPU and 1000rpm for Fan
but are:
283Mhz(81Mhz in idle) for GPU clock and 236RPM for GPU Fan.

Temps seem to be normal. Report and debug are made with 5.04 though...

Thanks for the great tool.


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Martin said:
Thanks for the report. I'll try to fix this in the next build.

Well sorry about that. I did make report on v5.04 and noticed I didn´t DL the beta yet, so I installed the beta and checked the numbers- they were wrong at that time. Now my PC has had some restarts and have the same beta v5.05 installed and it reports more logical values: GPU is 1050Mhz max and Fan 1290RPM max. I guess it did load somehow v5.04 "settings" without PC restart while v5.05 installed...
Sorry for the trouble.
Can you please attach a debug file from a run when you think it works?
It seems there's a bug anyway, but doesn't show always.
From v5.05-2635, seems ok values. Need DBG file with the new version also?


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Thanks for the feedback. The new v5.06 should have even more improvements to handle the rare situations when HWiNFO wasn't properly calculating the clock.
I think there's no need for a DBG file as long as all is well now.