AMD System issues


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Hey all!

So I have come across an issue and was helping someone could assist.
My system is below
- Ryzen 7 5800x3D
Gigabyte Aorus b550 Elite v2
- 32GB DDR4 Corsair Vengeance Memory CL18 @ 3600Mhz
- AMD Radeon 6600XT 8GB
- SuperFlower 750W Silver 80+

In essence I got a new motherboard (Gigabyte Aorus b550 Elite v2) recently after my previous board died. After moving all my components over to my new board and booting up a fresh install of Windows, when I tried to play games my PC would instantly shut off after trying to load into a lobby/match. I have done the following already

- Updated Windows to latest updates
- Updated chipset drivers
- Updated GPU drivers
- Updated BIOS to latest version
- Removed an XMP profiles from my memory and any previous undervolts I had on my CPU using PBO2 Tuner
- Monitored Temps and all around 50/65c when loading into the games and playing.

My suspicion is something to do with power delivery. As soon as the system has to go underload it will switch off. Below are some screenshots of HWINFO of my CPU and GPU. I dont know if I should be worried about the orange blocks as well as the Power Reporting Deviation numbers being red?
- (CPU)
- (Mobo)
- (GPU)

all of the above are while the system is mainly idle.
Orange blocks just mean values that are changing, so it's not an indication of anything wrong. You can either change the theme for another color or disable them.
For Power Reporting Deviation see: