Analysis help needed to check PSU potential fault - Reports via HWinfo and Aida64


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Hello All,

I would like to ask to help with checking reports I prepared. I only begun to use HWinfo and I am trying to see why my computer gets total shutdown most likely under heavy load.
One report I prepared was with Deus Ex Mankind Divided. Most of the time I also was getting a system shutdown but not under this test session.
Next I ran Ryse Sons of Rome and sure did, my computer got total shutdown and restart itself after very short period of time. My PSU is Corsair VS650 650W, 120mm FAN, EU version (CP-9020098-EU). Rest of the config you can find in attached Aida64 report.

I already tried some steps but no success. What I am suspecting is the PSU fault. But before I jump into bying a new one like 850W unit or so I would like to ask for help checking.

Some observations after time: Build was including this PSU and Gigabyte GTX 960 4GB 3 Fans. For a year it was fine. Sometime after that I started to notice in only some games that my computer starts to shutdown itself. I was thinking that 650 unit was fine and Corsair was not some shady company like I known in my childhood age. Now I upgraded to Gigabyte GTX 1070 8GB 3 Fans with the same PSU. Again no shutdowns in idle and internet (or similar activities), some games are also fine (like GTA5, Dark Souls 3, Metal Gear Solid V Phantom Pain). Only with games with heavy load on system are causing restart (Deus Ex Mankind Divided, Witcher 3, Ryse Sons of Rome).

Note that I have some GPU overclock and CPU (not sure if I reset MB to default for CPU and RAM). But definitely, I did ran GPU on stock and was getting some very similar results. Please find a screen from Gigabyte Extreme.

I know and I suspect that this might be in fact PSU fail. I want to ask for some advice before going with what symptoms are telling me.

Some screenshots also attached.
GPU W, seems fine and not to high. Around 170W max.
CPU W, also fine 58W max.
GPU Temperature and CPU are definitely not an issue here. GPU 65C and CPU 54C so the system runs cool.
I noticed some interesting dips in +12 Voltage rail. Could they be one of the factors that causes some instability?

I would really appreciate your help here. Please feel free to ask me for any additional details needed.

Update - Resolved but still I do not know why PSU was causing some issues here.
I just finished installing my brand new PSU. I bought an EVGA SuperNova 850 P2 unit. All previously tested games runs perfectly fine. Even, with a good PSU I was able to squeeze even more juice in OC from my graphic card. I was shocked that there were no artifacts were with previous PSU I was not able to even think of a such OC. 

I am more than happy that the purchase of a new PSU paid off but still I am very curious and would like to understand what was causing issues with the old unit.

I am looking forward to replies and I would be more than grateful for those.

Kind regards,


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Ok. I see that nobody would be able to help understand better on what was happening with a PSU here. Shame.
PC is up and running on a new EVGA PSU. I will need to do some more digging and research.