Another fan on start up thread help.

i stupidly updated my hwinfo64 and now fans wont activate on start up unless i open the fan tab in sensors. here are my settings.


I also did the OpenFanCrtlMin=1 .ini edit. any ideas if what i jacked up? thanks.

been tinkering for hours and the fans still wont spin on start up, proof of ini edit


ANY input would be greatly appreciated, pc unusable without this.
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You INI option contains a typo ;)
It should be OpenFanCtrlMin, instead of OpenFanCrtlMin
Thanks nonetheless for your post. Also new to HWiNFO64, but the only trouble I had at all was finding immediately that I had no way to configure HWiNFO64 to control my fans automatically at startup. One quick visit here solved this issue. I'm sure it's been suggested to do something like feature a checkbox in the Fan Control window to provide the option to automatically apply the fan control schemes at (automated) startup. Great software. It's the only application I found that would even recognize the fan controllers on our new, under-cooled Dell Inspiron 5680. With the OpenFanCtrlMin=1 tweak, we had ideal fan behavior and cooling in no time... for the first time.