Any advice to minimize CPU usage?

Other than "sensors only", no logging, 1000ms polling rate, "Others" is disabled and I have only 7 items currently being monitored. Most items are hidden too.

CPU usage goes from 0.5% to 1.5%...can I get it lower, closer to the usage of Coretemp which is near zero?

OC'd 3900X in a X470 Taichi.

TIA :)
First upgrade to the latest (Beta) version. This optimizes the polling to minimize usage.
Also make sure that sensor headings of sensor not needed are disabled as well.
If that won't help, enable the "Profiling Time" column to inspect which sensor is taking most time to read.
Thank you, I'll try that.

Can I disable Hard disks altogether?

Something that seemed to help was to set the SMART and Emb. Controller to max values. Now I get no usage spikes to 2% as before and it stays around 1% down to 0.3%

What does Emb. Controllers refers to? I searched and I found "Embedded controllers" but I'm not sure if that has to do with HWInfo.
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You can disable entire Drive Scan in main settings.
Embedded Controller is an additional microcontroller performing proprietary system-specific tasks. The protocol used to communicate with it (i.e. read sensor data) has some overhead, which can cause a slightly higher load.