Any way to make HWInfo bootable for the grub4dos menu?


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Hello everyone.
I had a bootable USB with a grub4dos boot menu to boot WinPE, Antivirus OS,.... want to add the HWInfo into the menu to see all the system info from the boot menu, need An ISO file or whatever
( The USB is made by WinsetupfromUSB )
Any idea?
HWiNFO32/64 is a Windows program (and HWiNFO for DOS is a DOS program), so you can't have any system information in a boot menu. Although, that's not entirely correct. There is HDT (Hardware Detection Tool) as part of the Syslinux package. But HDT is not the same as HWiNFO, obviously, and IIRC it can only be used when booting with Syslinux (or Isolinux/PXElinux/Extlinux).

What you can do, is add HWiNFO to your WinPE system and maybe automatically launch HWINFO once WinPE has finished booting. Or add a Windows-like start menu to WinPE to launch HWiNFO manually. The latter is what I do with my bootable WinPE systems.

Just to add that you can customize your WinPE media to automatically run a custom command/tool.
This can be done by mounting the "media\sources\boot.wim" of WinPE using dism, then inserting custom commands into the "mount\Windows\System32\Startnet.cmd" batch file and unmount using the /commit switch.