Append new registries in Automatic Logging


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I have been tinkering with the Pro version and, with help from Martin and a bit more searching online, I have been able to run HWiNFO64 automatically upon startup and to begin logging the sensors that interest me. However, the process does not append new data when I restart the computer but completely overwrites the previous log, making it... a bit pointless if one is interested in really having it be automated. Is there any way to force it to append data under the existing registries to allow for proper automatic multi-session monitoring? I am thinking of also automating the filename in the command line to be different by adding date and time each time, I haven't tried it, I'm not even sure that is possible (a proficient programmer/tinkerer I am NOT), but, for sure, this would then require the merging and manipulation of multiple csv's for proper analysis, which is also not really "automation". Any suggestions would be appreciated!

Thank you!
If you start logging without providing a file name, so "HWiNFO64.exe -l", it will automatically create a unique filename with timestamp HWiNFO_LOG_nnnnnnnn.CSV.
HWiNFO doesn't have an option to append the log to an existing file, so this will require some additional post-processing.
Thank you, Martin.

I have another question, however. I'm trying to implement on several computers without interfering with the users experience. I tried running it on log-in via task scheduler with a .bat run from cmd.exe and the following commands:
cd "C:\Program Files\HWiNFO64\"
HWiNFO64 -log_format=1 -poll_rate=2500 -l

It sure runs, but I encounter these problems:

- Always asks for "do you want to allow app to make changes?" confirmation, which would interrupt and bother the user
- does not close the cmd window (somehow doesn't run the "exit" command?)

The only workaround I have found so far is to program it to run not on the user's account, but on SYSTEM, somehow bypassing both these problems, although I suspect something else potentially unwanted could occur? I think I feel the systems where I'm implementing a bit slugish afterwards. Would you have any suggestions for this type of implementation?
The prompt you're getting is the UAC which cannot be circumvented by a program due to security reasons (you would have to disable UAC in Windows but this is not recommended).
But I think running it via Task Scheduler and selecting "Run with highest privileges" might do that job.

When HWiNFO is started in logging mode it doesn't terminate on its own and keeps running until either terminated by user or if you specify the "-max_time=n" argument.
Alternatively it can also be terminated explicitly by running "taskkill /im HWiNFO64.exe"