Aquacomputer Quadro and D5 next slow polling


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Hi, I enabled the profiling time column and can see that aquacomputer Quadro and D5 next take a long time compared to all the other sensors :( is there a way to improve the speed of this?
The funny thing is that High flow next seems to be very fast o_O

Edit: After disabling quadro and D5 next then flow next increased to ~960ms, disabling all three the stats refresh super fast.


Thanks in advance.
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These sensors are connected via USB, so this is a rather slow method. If you attach the HWiNFO Debug File I can check whether I see any oddities that could result in additional slow-down.
Thanks a lot Martin, please find attached the debug file, hope that's enough.
I had no idea there was extra latency due to the connection type for the sensor :(


Everything seems to be working properly, so I'm afraid that delay is unavoidable to poll those devices.
Thank you so much for the ultra fast response Martin, will remove those sensors from HWiNFO and will display them of the inbuilt led screens of the flow and D5 next pump, for the sensor panel I'll just leave all the other sensors that work perfectly.
Thanks again!