Are all the Motherboard Temperatures Displayed?


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Hello, I'm in the middle of trying to figure out whether my new Lenovo workstation has a damaged sensor somewhere or if it's a software issue that's preventing a certain app from detecting the motherboard temperature.  The machine has the latest Intel chipset drivers but not the latest BIOS version.  Windows 10 version 1607 build 14393.222

I'll try to be as brief and exact as I can.  Basically, I was alerted to a faulty mouse/keyboard USB plug-in and a motherboard test revealed an error code.  OK, so I replugged everything and followup test was OK.  Now, my regular temp monitor doesn't show the MB temp. and after running HWINFO tool, the agent there says the temp still isn't detected by HWINFO even though you can clearly see three temperatures for the motherboard displayed.  Is one missing, can you tell?  I'm concerned that the USB issue may have damaged the sensor versus there being some software problem somewhere. If some additional info is needed, please let me know.

Very much appreciate any help.  Thank you.



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I believe HWiNFO reports all temperature sensors it found on the mainboard (especially its main sensor chip), but it's possible that Lenovo has something more which is proprietary that only they know how to read.
OK, thank you for that.  I believe the main temperature reading was the one the agent stated wasn't on the HWINFO readout.  If you look at the enclosed snip, is this reading missing?  If so, I'll pursue it thru Lenovo.
I cannot know whether there's any other readout missing - only Lenovo knows about their systems, if there are some hidden/proprietary quirks.
But I think it's rather unlikely that it's missing. You might ask them what exactly is missing and how/where would they expect it.
OK, thank you very much for your help!

One last question:  on the summary only page under Intel, there's "VMX" in red.  Does this indicate a problem, and what is VMX?  Here is a snip of the issue.


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