AsRock B450 Pro4 sensors


Hello Martin,

Long time no see. :)
A question about two sensors on my new shiny MB. I've managed to find Vdimm and VDDCR SOC in your generic name for sensors but for the love of God I cannot identify CLDO VDDP and CLDO VDDG.
Somehow Ryzen Master shows those values
But I cannot find them in HWInfo.
TM VDDP 0850.jpg

Do you have any idea what sensors RM reads? Values are OK in RM because I've put them manually in BIOS.

Thank you for your wonderful piece of software.
Are you sure about the VDDCR SOC and VDIMM values? AFAIK ASRock tools don't report them on this model, but the layout you found seems to match other models, so you might indeed by right. In that case I'd add them in the next build.
cLDO VDDP and cLDO VDDG are static values, so it doesn't make sense to constantly monitor them. These (among additional details) can be found in the main window under CPU node. Note that if you're using Sensors-only mode, you will need to disable it for the main window to show up.
Are you sure about the VDDCR SOC and VDIMM values?
Yep, I've changed them in BIOS and they changed in HWInfo too. :)

VIN3/6/7 are also static values and have no clue what they are.

Thanks for CPU node tip. I forgot about details in main window. :oops: