Asrock motherboard and PCH temperatire


Hi Martin

Im using your software and wanted to check my motherboard temperature. Afaik, the PCH is southbridge temperature?

Using the ASrock Z170-itx/ac, which is "real" the motherboard temperature?

Sorry if its a repeated question


The value you selected should be the motherboard temperature - it's usually sourced from a diode placed somewhere on the motherboard, or the value of sensor chip, which is also placed on the motherboard.
You might also check with the ASRock tool if you want to be sure.
PCH temperature is the Z170 chipset internal temperature.

What you ask is not technically feasible sensor chips of a chip - they measure the current temperature of the crystal, and that the temperature of the motherboard, or rather air at its surface is needed physically isolated from their probe, such as a thermal diode or a thermistor (ideal thermocouple, but firstly its output voltage 17 - 67 mkV depending of the applied alloy, and the main thing is the individual nonlinear elements described by differential equations of the thirty-fifth (Chrome-Allyumel, Chrome-Kopel) - thirty-eighth order (Platinum - Platinum-Rhodium) that requires a special measuring circuits compensation thermoelectric contacts and volumetric conversion tables for thermoelectric power - temperature) that usually does not make much sense because of technical measure the temperature in the housing and can be external to the system board temperature sensor.