ASRock Z790 Taichi Mainboard Sensor Issues


Irregularly, the onboard sensors spit out wrong values for just 1 cycle, e.g. CPU/MB/MOS-temp jumps from normal to zero, negative or 100+ and then back to normal on the next polling.
Also, the longer HWiNFO runs, the more nonsense-sensors appear (like "AMD TSI 0", also like multiple times).

Other than aquasuite's background service, no other software that seems to access SMBus, etc. is running.

I've taken a couple of screenshots and debug-logs.
Screenshot "sensors-1" (belongs to debug-1) was taken right after startup and shows sensors and values how they are supposed to be.
"sensors-2" (also debug-1) shows the temp senors with invalid values and also shows one nonsense-sensors (AMD TSI 0)

"sensors-3" belongs to "debug-2" and "sensors-4/5" belong to "debug-3" and all show the same problem with wrong values and nonsense-sensors.

Also sometimes the voltages just go to zero and some fans appear with speeds at 64k, but unfortunately I don't have logs as this only happens sporadically and I don't want to keep the debug-mode on the whole time.

Link to the third debug-log (as it's too big to be uploaded here):

Hope I got enough info to fix it if it's not a mainboard-problem.


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This really looks like something else in the system is accessing the eSIO chip which results in conflicts and erratic sensor readouts.
Are you sure there are no other hardware monitoring or tweaking applications running? BTW, this sensor is not accessible via SMBus, but direct I/O.
Well, it actually was aquasuite. I thought that I had disabled its internal hardware monitoring, but after everything else was killed off, I took at look at aquasuite's config and its hw-monitoring was enabled. So unless another bug comes up, seems to be a mistake on my part, sorry for that.