ASRock Z97 Anniversary MB Vcore sensor


I don't know if it's just my system or is there something about the ASRock Z97 Anniversary MB/G3258 that does not want to show the Vcore sensor in HWiNFO64 version 5.20?  No big deal other than I thought I turned off Monitor and Display by mistake but it ain't there or at least where it's supposed to be.   I can supply a screen capture or whatever else is needed to resolve.
Yes, please provide a screenshot of the sensors and I'll check it.
Does the ASRock A-Tuning tool show Vcore which is not the CPU VID ?
Here's a couple of screen shots.  CPU-Z Core Voltage jumps from .871v to 1.20+ depending on what is running at the time.  I'm not an I-Tune fan and I guess it doesn't show Vcore just the Adaptive Settings?
I don't think that this mainboard can monitor Vcore. Not sure what CPU-Z reports, but it might be the VID instead. You might compare it with the VID shown by HWiNFO.
Your probably right. I wanted a simple MB with no frills for a simple machine. I guess that's what I got! Thanks for the response.