ASUS EC wrong sensors data

Those values look crazy, but they are correct - it's a new ASUS feature ;)
They accumulate total usage since your system was started first, so it might be useful for estimating the total aging of the CPU.
You should see similar values in the BIOS.
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I am trying to understand these Accumulated values. So for Accumulated CPU Temperature, they add every CPU temp ever recorded by the EC sensor together to get the sum of all CPU temp samples? Same for Accumulated CPU Voltage, Current, and Power? Yes, these numbers would increase as the CPU ages but I don't understand the relevance of these sums.

What happens if the CPU is changed? Do the counters reset? This is just...weird.
Yes, those counters accumulate all samples read during the presence of the CPU.
They should automatically reset when the CPU is changed.
Dividing them by the total uptime in seconds should give the average lifetime value. Might be useful for example to determine the total power consumed.
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OK, I guess that could be useful in some scenarios, like maybe a large corporation with a building full of servers and concern about power efficiency.